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Reviews from Conference Attendees

Gained a new awareness

I feel like I took bits and pieces from each speaker and found value in everything that we did.

- Abbey S.


Other conferences have been classroom like, What Drives Winning was more a lecture.

- Allie L.


The excitement in the room was awesome. Loved being part of it.

- Amy J.

Talked all about developing people!!

This was a very fulfilling experience and showed even the best look to get better.

- Andy Z.

This was fun.

It was very organized and brought tons of different perspectives.

- Brad S.


Presented ways to to implement character growth on a team through exercises

- Chad S.

In some ways validating and in others, enlightening

I had too many takeaways to mention here

- Fran K.

Meaningful and highly engaging

Lots of film content and a great diversity of stories and speakers.

- Glen F.

This is truly a top notch conference

There is no equal in regard to the material and speakers

- Amanda H.

Great for my growth

There are a lot of creative, intelligent, thoughtful people in the world

- Mik A.


This conference is about the players themselves first, then the athlete.

- Allie B.

Intimate and engaging compared to other conferences I've been to

The speakers are there simply to help others coaches better themselves and upcoming student-athletes. You can tell everyone is there for the right reasons.

- Amanda F.

A good variety of sports and current topics

It was inspiring to hear from coaches who have been there, done that.

- Amanda J.

This was refreshing

The conference focused on not the sport but in building the character of the game and athletes as well.

- Adrioan M.

Very motivating

I was exposed to new ways to teach character and how important it is. I want to find more time to do this.

- Alison S.


I liked the structure. It really held my attention.

- Andy D.


I was engaged all day.

- Angie S.

Character is the theme of what drives winning

The conference represented of a wide variety of sports and showed cool things can happen when we collaborate.

- Ashley P.

Very satisfying

I enjoyed being in the presence of like minded people.

- Jennifer A.

Very memorable and relevant

I took many ideas from the personal stories of the coaches.

- Annie W.


The conference put a lot of focus on the process.

- Aaron W.

I found this intriguing

It helped seeing other coaches going through the same things I go through and learning ways to work through those things.

- Babak A.

It was very cool to learn from different sports

This was like a TED Conference for progressive coaching methodology and wasn't specific to one sport.

- Brian C.


The entire day was very engaging - each presentation seemed different and fresh, not just someone lecturing.

- Corey B.

This was filled with good ideas

All the real life experiences shared by the coaches were enlightening.

- Bob H.

This is the first conference I have been to

All of the lessons shared by the coaches were powerful.

- Katherine B.

Gave me more resources to pull from

It was refreshing to see speakers with a vision and initiative to do something different.

- Brook C.

This was awesome

I could relate to all of the speakers.

- Mark B.

Fresh. Real. Non scripted (so it appeared)!

Really touched on the human factor to all this.

- Brian P.

Great for growth

All of the speakers are involved in college athletics yet a ton of the attendees are from outside of that environment.

- Brad B.

What you want from a conference

I was able to listen to many great coaches tell their stories.

- Brady D.


I loved the interaction with the group and being able to hear the struggles and successes of the coaches.

- Brooke S.

Held in a casual, grounded atmosphere!

Showed me I'm on track! And not alone....On point.

- Heather B.

This was like a tent revival for me

I've been after ""how"" to implement character building into my coaching and the answers were all here.

- Paul C.

Every detail was considered

I have also never been around so many high-level coaches in one place trying to help each other.

- Cary E.


This covered the psychological aspects of coaching not the x's and o's.

- Chris B.


The one on one interview setting was different, andfelt more personal than just speakers talking at the audience.

- Casey F.


Showed me how to define the individual character first and then start worrying about X and O's.

- Hue M.

Focused on what's important, impacting lives, as opposed to strategies

I learned how to better implement the character development piece in my program.

- Chris S.

Showed all coaches experience the same struggles

This conference doesn't talk about the X's and O's it focuses on developing the player as a person.

- Craig I.

Showed character matters above all else

This event had excellent, heartfelt speakers who spoke from the heart with emotion.

- Jake N.

Coaches need this more than help on strategy!

The speakers gave specific examples of themes they developed and how they kept them going during season.

- Stephanie Z.

Speakers truly believe in the WDW concepts

They dedicate their time and talk about their actual success stories.

- Keith R.

Character matters!

Proved coaching is more than the X's and O's.

- Mark P.

I feel recharged

A lot was packed into one day and this gave me some ideas on different ways to tackle situations.

- Jamie C.


Great lineup of speakers.

- Clay S.


Was a good variety of coaches, sports, panels, interviews, videos.

- Cathy W.

The speakers want to make a difference with people

All of them talked about their experiences and passion for what they do.

- Sue D.

A true catalyst

Focused on the underlying qualities that develop the kind of success we all, as educators, seek to create.

- Dave W.


Just a great group of speakers.

- Dave M.

Amaze balls!

The game is bigger than coaches, it's about our players.

- Dawn C.


Showed how important character development is.

- David C.

Enjoyed the various ways information was shared

Showcased successful coaches who are genuine and sincere in sharing their stories.

- Danna D.


Very thought provoking.

- Kyle D.

Very laid back, casual and real

Put a real focus on teaching character and allowing winning to take care of itself.

- Phil D.

A great learning experience for coaches at any level

What Drives Winning has a great mission and really shared the stories and visions of the coaches.

- Diana M.

Very laid back

Everyone was so positive and uplifting.

- Mike D.


Amazing lineup of presenters who have all been at the top of their game.

- Elizabeth R.

Focused on the mental aspects of coaching and building character

I left wanting to keep working on grasping the concepts and formulating a plan to attempt to implement it within our youth soccer club.

- Eric E.

Focused on the character development side of coaching

The coaches really illustrated how big a piece character development is on teams that have experienced quite a bit of success.

- Emina Z.


I'm part of a community.

- Eric S.

You asked all the questions that I wanted to ask

This gave me many different ideas on how to bring a team together.

- Ernesto A.

Many different sports and levels of coaches

Presented ways to make your athletes better people and athletes.

- Frank K.


I loved the clips and candid conversation between Brett and the coaches.

- Paul B.

Like a TED Talk rather than a conference

There are lots of coaches that believe like I do that character drives winning.

- Gabe B.


Incredible lineup of speakers with a very strategy-based, unique approach.

- Geron S.

An A+ Event

Filled with great speakers who speak from the heart.

- Greg L.

I found this informing

It dealt with the paradox of training and growing as an individual.

- Jeff G.

Character > All else

The conference covers a variety of sports not just the one I am involved in.

- Greg M.

Focused more on the "why"

Gave me confidence that what I am doing is good and to not focus on wins but on development.

- Jason G.

The focus is much different

It's more about making you think and examine your own coaching philosophies than just getting X's and O's.

- Heather G.


Really geared more towards personal development.

- Mike H.

The speakers wanted to be there

They all want to help with this movement, which is different then other events I have been to in the past.

- Heather C.

Loaded with speakers!

This gave strength in what I already believe.

- Erin H.


Fast paced and interesting throughout program.

- Julia B.


The Bricks & Mortar was an incredible presentation.

- Jeff A.

I haven't been to anything else like this!

It got the ball rolling in my head for ways to get my team on board with character development.

- Jessica T.

Felt very self-reflective

PJ Fleck's story was inspirational. He used a tragic event as a catalyst for change and development, not for self-pity or anger.

- Jeffrey R.

Wonderful stories

The message is the right one, but unfortunately not the common one! The day was focused on the person, which not many other conferences support.

- Jennifer S.

Packed more into one day than most

Reiterated that coaching is not first and foremost about the sport, but helping young people through life using sport.

- Jennifer M.

Phenomenal growth opportunity

Held in such an open environment where no matter what your title or level, you feel welcome and as equally as important.

- Jennifer K.

Was inspiring

I can do this. I can show my team I care and help make them better people through my influence.

- Jan M.

More than just a clinic

Doesn't focus on X and Os, focuses on character development.

- Joseph M.

I feel a part of the "Revolution"

This gave me ways to think outside of the box and will help with future situations for myself at my company.

- Jamar J.


All the different speakers were able to get their points across, even though most coached different sports.

- Jessie S.

The future

Revealed the impact coaches have on their players.

- Bart J.

Lots of great ideas

It is a cross sport event and focuses on making the team stronger through connection rather than sport strategy.

- Nicole K.

A guided experience

Came away with many ideas for team activities to help build chemistry with myself and my teammates.

- Kristi E.

Changing the way we coach

Loved the sincerity to share from all the presenters and their conviction in starting a revolution to make sports a better experience for players and coaches.

- Shana M.


This was the first conference of this type I've been to - loved it!

- Katelynn G.

Enjoyed the honesty of the speakers

Everyone focused on the person and the responsibillity we have on an athlete's life beyond the playing field and beyond their athletic careers.

- Michelle K.


Real experiences shared by real coaches.

- Kristen W.

Not about the X's and O's

Great to hear so many of the stories from these coaches and how they have evolved as coaches over time.

- Laura B.

The message reached every coach and administrator in there

Regardless of level, this showed it is all about developing your people first.

- Lindsay S.

All about character

Taught me to help your people develop character and improve, and overall performance will follow.

- Tony L.

It includes all sports!

We are all teachers at heart...the recruiting and win/loss is the business. We can't lose sight of our role as educators while we are under pressure to win.

- Kateri L.

You can do things the right way and be successful

This conference showed it's not about X's and O's but more about relationships.

- Lance R.

About the personal side of sport

The skills discussed were not restricted to the field of play. They carry over to everyday life.

- Ron L.

Got my creative juices flowing

Focus isn't on sport specifics but rather coaching specifics.

- Maggie Y.

The speakers all have a variety of backgrounds

The speakers re-energized my coaching philosophy.

- Steve M.

I am transformed

This is definitely the best conference I have ever attended by far!! Well organized and wonderful speakers.

- Maria B.

Person > Player

Coaches are normally evaluated on and looking for X's and O's. This about the relationships coaches have with their athletes.

- Mike E.

The meat and potatoes of coaching

We don't get this at other conventions. I like to to know how other coaches handle challenges with their players and parents etc. Other venues are always just about hitting, pitching defense and so on.

- Michala C.

Left feeling enthusiastic

Although I don't mind the X's and O's of athletics it was nice to just talk about motivation and philosophy.

- Norm M.

Great quality of information

Create your story, be willing to share it but make sure you yourself genuinely live it and embrace it.

- Moritz M.

There was an obvious focus throughout

The timing of the speakers was very good for holding attention.

- Mika R.

The mission is what drives the conference

I thought the format was quite a bit better than most conferences. They did a really great job mixing it up to keep things moving and fresh the entire day.

- Peter P.


It makes attendees think about the "whys".

- Patty G.

Moved my emotions

The content is what truly matters, even though it is not what anyone talks about. I believe this is a revolution that will continue to gain momentum.

- Jon B.

Coach Specific

The coaches talked about how they dealt with different personalities on their team and motivated them.

- Erin S.

There is just nothing like it

It's a completely unique educational experience for coaches filled with a wealth of knowledge on how to build high character and a high performance culture.

- Randi S.

A thought-provoking experience

Not about the sport but about the people that play it.

- Janet R.

Gave new ways to coach athletes

I learned several new ideas on how to help my athletes be better people.

- Richard M.

Absolutely exhilarating

It was great seeing how these ultra successful college coaches do things differently and it build programs that kids want to play in.

- Rick E.

This was excellent

It was a very open environment of learning.

- Aaron R.

8 hours of applicable lessons

It wasn't a ""clinic talk"". The coaches applied what we were learning and exemplified everything with video and true stories.

- Richard P.

No X & O's needed

Had a variety of coaches across all sport bc this topic applies to all sports.

- Leigh S.

The lineup of people completely separate it!

I have a renewed sense that there's people in the profession who really care about the people in their program over wins, fame and money.

- Sarah R.

Real substance

I had too many takeaways to list

- Sarah H.

No sales pitches

The day was full of great information and content and a variety of sports/speakers.

- Siegfried N.

Coaches were open and willing to share

What Drives Winning is finding a new way to approach coaching than what is usually taught.

- Steven S.


Best money I've ever spent for a coaching seminar and there wasn't a single x or o discussed!

- Scott S.

Didn't seem to drag on at all

Just renewed my energy. I was refreshed that others are dealing with similar issues as I am as a coach.

- Stephanie W.

Story drives buy in

This was a unique, elite group of coaches giving you incite into their success.

- Stefani W.

I feel energized

The Ted talk style is a nice change.

- Susan T.

So much energy and great speakers!

Too many takeaways to list.

- Tiffany R.

Character drives winning

What Drives Winning shows it's all about starting something new and connecting in new ways with our kids.

- Timm D.

It was very real

Real stories, real struggles, real humble people.

- Tim B.

Success of speakers is unmatched

The speakers were motivational in their deliveries and the different video clips showing them interacting with their teams was inspirational.

- Tim G.

Every session was very informative!

Kept my interest all day long.

- Tina R.

Truly valuable

There's so much more to developing people/athletes than winning, but developing character contributes to success.

- Tom S.

Much more than just mechanics

This was about teaching the human experience versus breaking down the skill.

- Lu H.

A sports conference about character

The emphasis is focused on building character in order to get results.

- Tracy W.


All of the speakers were real and honest. They all shared a lot and many coaches don't do that at clinics. They are very cautious about what they talk about.

- Carlee C.

Super informational

Keeping the conference interactive is a huge thing that most conferences don't do.

- Ryan Y.

Create people of character

Felt like more of a discussion that I'm sitting in on rather than being talked at.

- Zachary J.

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