The What Drives Winning Teams Docuseries was filmed at this special five-year anniversary event. Brett takes us through a journey with Gonzaga Men’s and Oregon Women’s Basketball as they pursue the postseason.




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Reviews from Conference Attendees

Human over sport

The event puts an emphasis on team culture.

- Rich M.


Very ENCOURAGED that this is taking place!!!

- Johnny S.


Professional Development for coaches, which is very rare!

- Scott H.


It goes where no else has gone before!

- Suzy W.


You are showing us COACHES that are implementing and getting results, then getting access to their process.

- Robyn W.

Packs a really powerful punch

The event is really just a reinforcement of the path on which we need to redouble our efforts.

- Peter T.


Having a commissioner really put things into perspective.

- Kayla W.

Top Notch

Showed that ALL coaches struggle at some time or another no matter what level they coach.

- Clay S.


Loved the PGM Idea from Gonzaga Men's Basketball. We are working to develop ours now!

- Thomas N.

Real and down to earth

The conference focused on people and the importance of finding ways to get through to your people to create better leaders, people, and experiences that will be more long lasting than results on a scoreboard.

- Bryce B.

Information helpful in making our career more enjoyable.

I learned about PGMS and other small tidbits of info that I can use right away when my student-athletes come on campus.

- Anthony D.

Super awesome

Your conference paced the information really well so it wasn't too much all at once. You prepped us for what to come with the self reflection pieces, which isn't common.

- Kim S.

Great focus on perspective

Appreciate the personal touch and intimate setting created by limited seating.

- Anna B.

Character was the primary focus

Enjoyed the willingness of the group involved to make people better and share so many wonderful ideas to build upon.

- Drew B.

Getting teams to own their personal development

It was well organized and gave pertinent information for the growth of team oriented programs.

- Bryant H.

Culture + Character = Success

In most clinics you can take one or two things away, with this there are only one or two things that you won't use for your team.

- Robert S.

Not a dull moment

I was constantly enamored with the speakers and presenters the entire day.

- Betsy W.

Got to things we could all relate to

The day was filled with many great real life examples to show kids and help them relate by using technology and videos which is what they want.

- Casey G.

The whole event was awesome

It was all about how we can make our environments better.

- David R.

Building great human beings

Other events just tell you this is what you should or shouldn't do, WDW tells you ideas and how they've worked for people in the past!

- Christopher C.

Useful content

One day, straight to the point, information that you can take and use quickly.

- Jen C.


Loved all of the team building exercise ideas!

- Dani D.

I like the format

Gathered many examples of how I can improve personally, and for my athletes/teams.

- Darryl F.

Very interesting

Video examples were awesome.

- Dave V.

Small and personal

The conference keeps the numbers lower which maintains intimacy.

- Eric S.


The interview format is different and effective. A wide range of speakers rather than sport specific.

- Jeff O.


I learned new strategies to approach my athletes with.

- Joe R.

Better than an X and O talk.

I was able to pick up a lot more useful information that I an take with me to use in life, and my classroom and not just on the court.

- Zach K.


The interaction with the folks attending is so good for development. I also like that all of the speakers are willing to talk and ask questions.

- Karen J.


The content and focus was inspiring and always a good reminder.

- Allison P.

What we need to concentrate on as leaders

The experiences and freshness of the presentations were outstanding.

- Tony L.


It was very inspirational and it was nice to be able to connect sports to a personal life and a work life.

- Mackenzie D.

Informative (or enjoyable!)

The conference gave quick action points that I can immediately start using.

- Erin M.

Very motivating

I was able to apply the material to my personal and professional life.

- Bryan M.

Gained valuable wisdom and ideas

I was pleased with how much actionable information was presented. gained much valuable wisdom and ideas for content to present to my team/classroom.

- Patrick B.

A better learning experience

It's a unique format and a great ""intimate"" setting for learning from speakers.

- Peter P.


I enjoyed learning from high performing coaches how they balance life/work/etc.

- Rick R.

Not about the "how to coach"

Honestly, there were so many great things I took away from the conference, I spent the entire plane ride home last night scribbling ideas and going over things to keep them fresh in my mind.

- Roy S.

About how to connect with your athletes

The conference showed the impact you can have as a coach by focusing on the person over the player.

- Sean D.

Feel refreshed for season

I love the branding of the event. It's smart. And obviously, the content. Brett's stories about his time with teams and their season resonates with me.

- Abbey S.


Awesome professional speakers in the sports arena.

- Tim V.

It felt personal

I gained tools to better prepare my student athletes for success! Also valuable assets to improve my coaching abilities.

- Vic F.


I think all of the conferences have all been very motivating and positive. Others can be very boring at times.

- Brian V.

Stay strong in what you do

Speakers talked about building character instead of building talent.

- Tracy W.

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