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Panel Discussion

Results, Results, Results

In this eye-opening panel discussion, these four Hall of Fame coaches discuss the “American Way”:

– Sue Enquist talks about throwing a trophy away
– Manny Diaz breaks down his bonus structure
– Anson Dorrance talks about divorce rate
– Mouse Holloway gives us a tool we can all use

A championship-level coach once said, “I became a better coach when I stopped giving a f***.”

Some say, “I wish I could do that.”

Hopefully, this feature will give you some insight on how.

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Panel Discussion

  • Sue Enquist: Former Head Softball Coach, UCLA
  • Manny Diaz: Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Georgia
  • Mike “Mouse” Holloway: Head Track & Field Coach, University of Florida
  • Anson Dorrance: Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of North Carolina
  • Moderated by: Brett Ledbetter