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Reviews from Conference Attendees

The speakers were very open

I came away with universal content for coaching any sport.

- David B.

Very entertaining!

The event's focus on character development made it different from others.

- Douglas M.

Great content

I loved that it was more philisophical and less about plays.

- Jace T.

Informative and thought provoking

The amount of experience and knowledge that was available to listen and take in, was unbelievable.

- Heather B.

Focused on people and relationships

I liked hearing top coaches discuss the "team first" concept and how they motivate athletes to perform their best.

- Kurt H.


I was exhilarated all day, by each and every presenter.

- Tom R.

Really enjoyed the format and the speakers!

The event was much more philosophical and less about X's and O's!

- Whitney F.

Gave confirmation that it's not all about wins!!

The message was steady and kept reinforcing the common theme of building organizational core values.

- Dan K.

Very good material.

It was all about the kids and helping to build the future.

- Dave S.


The material was creatively presented and I learned many new ideas to incorporate with my team.

- Brianna B.

It's the first of it's kind!

I enjoyed how the focus of the conference dealt with issues rarely discussed!

- Adam K.

Useful experience

Loved the topics presented!

- Amanda B.

Felt authentic

The presentations and comments from the coaches were very real and heart felt.

- Aubrey S.


During the event, I felt like I was a part of the conversation. I loved the willingness of the lecturers to be completely frank, human and willing to share.

- Matthew B.


The speakers were all amazing!

- Brenda L.

Educational and inspiring

I loved the talent in the line up as well as the cross sport experience.

- Daryl H.

Not sport specific

I learned many way to connect with players.

- Jordan B.

Focused on the importance of character

The conference presented many different approaches and specific ideas on how to develop leaders with character.

- Carol C.


I liked the unscripted nature of the event and the interview style that allowed the coaches to just talk about their programs and experiences.

- Corey H.


This event was about relationships and not about drills.

- George C.

Went beyond the x's and o's

The event showed the impact a coach can have on athletes to last a lifetime.

- Chris R.


It was great hearing the elite coaches talk about their experiences and the techniques they use with their teams.

- Chad W.

They made themselves real

All of the speakers were so personable. The driving message was amazing, and the information was relevant and easy to translate to different sports.

- Suzie B.


The event crossed a variety of sports but the subject matter is applicable for sports, as well as the corporate world.

- Danna D.

Totally worth it

All of the successful coaches talked about character versus the x's and o's.

- Deanna G.

Struck by how transferable the philosophy is

Many conferences are able to identify the problem and sell the ""why"" but very few provide as many concrete, realistic and engaging strategies as the What Drives Winning conference.

- Douglas M.

There was not one bad speech!

The conference was great because it shared such a powerful message in a short amount of time.

- Lizzy L.


A bunch of different sports were represented with a variety of speakers.

- Janel I.

The message from every speaker was enlightening

They really care and want to improve how we coach and teach!

- John S.


The conference kept my attention the entire time.

- Jackie J.

There was a great quality of speakers

All of the presentations had a common thread that made the sum of their parts very powerful.

- Jaci D.

Many high profile coaches

I liked that the event had female coaches too.

- Nora B.

Focused on the process and purpose of coaching

Loved the lineup of speakers and their passion to create change in coaching.

- Joshua B.

One of a kind

I have never been to one day event with this many elite people, openenly sharing about their programs.

- Jennifer S.


The speakers focused not just on the style of play but more on dealing with human performance.

- Jonathan C.

It covered things you can't learn in a book

I heard real life stories that I can apply in any coaching situation.

- Donald K.

World class presenters

Every speaker shared techniques and in-depth info with examples relating to their own direct experiences.

- Megan K.

Loved the content

I heard top coaches talk about their personal stories and the conviction they now feel to drive winning differently.

- Kim B.

Great and beneficial information

The way everything was presented will make it easy to incorporate it into any team.

- Keith J.

Loved the variety of successful coaches

The applications you can take from this event can be applied to everything and not just a particular sport.

- Lisa H.

I loved the flow

It is about character development. Coaches say they develop but they do not! We are so overdue for this revolution!!

- Lynn K.

Picked up lots of practical information

The speakers had GREAT information and insights into common struggles and how to move beyond them.

- Maggie Y.

Elite line up of speakers

Every speaker shared amazing information.

- Mandy G.


Most events I attend are X and O conferences. This one was about building the person.

- Erica M.

All about the message

It was clear that all of the coaches are fierce competitors, but also embrace their role as mentors and educators.

- Mike G.


The event crossed over into different sports with a variety of speakers.

- Molly G.

Very informative and entertaining

The topic material was very interesting and none of the speakers "droned" on or became boring.

- Aimee N.

The elite coaches were very real and transparent

The conference was unique because it brought a variety of winning coaches and sports psychologist together to give you answers and ideas.

- Michelle P.


The content of the conference was very relevant to my work as well as to coaching.

- Ryan C.

Very interactive and the most impressive lineup of speakers I've seen

The day was filled with outside of the box thinking, interactive exercises, and a wealth of knowledge in one room.

- Steve B.

I loved the one on one and the panel discussions.

Hearing about the actual experiences of the speakers was fantastic.

- Jason S.

This was outstanding

All of the speakers were excellent and the presentations were short, interesting and on point.

- Hunter N.


Anson Dorrance, he was truly fantastic. His stories of motivation and character were just what I was looking for.

- Thomas T.

All about people taking care of people!

I truly appreciate the humility of the championship coaches and that they all consider character winning!

- Tracey D.

I haven't been to many events like this

Hearing what other elite coaches have done with their program was inspirational.

- Justin W.

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