Held in Chicago, the event explored the paradox of high achievement: Is there a way to pursue greatness without collateral damage?




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Overall Rating 4.51 of 5 – 119 Survey Reviews

Time well spent = EXCELLENT!!!!

The atmosphere created for the participants gave down to earth feel.

- Randy G.

I have never been to something like this.

Learned that a coach needs to balance their life to have success.

- Dave W.


The interview format allows for open and honest dialogue.

- Kaitlin S.

Felt authentic

The focus was on everything I believe.

- Lauren C.


Direct and critical content presented in a casual conversation.

- Mark R.


Elite line up, relevant topics, not frilly just good stuff.

- Caroline P.

All speakers were great.

Really engaging, normally only 50% of a conference is actually useful.

- Michael W.

Many different philosophies and blueprints

Fantastic group of speakers with unrivaled success and experience.

- Brandon S.

Culture matters and you can create it.

At this conference, you get an honest look into how coaches at the highest level have been or continue to excel.

- Chris M.

Gave me a better perspective

Constant learning and speakers. I liked that everything tied in together.

- Andrew F.


It is non technical, and it is focused primarily on coach health which I think we all neglect.

- Aaron M.

Very unique

This conference sheds light on what is really important in athletics. I want every single high school coach in America to attend this conference.

- Anna B.


The conference focuses on us as coaches and our mental health rather than the x's and o's.

- Ashley T.

This was enlightening

The experience has made me re-evaluate my priorities and look at restructuring my practice plans.

- Charles S.

I have a new perspective

The production was great! Very prepared. It was more than an open panel of coaches.

- Brittany D.


Everything was focused more on the coach as opposed to the athletes.

- Susan B.

I feel encouraged

I appreciate the authenticity of the speakers and the topics they discuss.

- Brooke S.

All about the relationships

This conference truly focuses on the role of the coach in shaping the character of the players he/she influences.

- Mark P.

Completely surreal

I felt like I was watching a conversation, not attending a clinic and taking notes.

- Cole H.

Very well executed

I had take aways that resonated with me from every presenter.

- Carissa S.

Was on the edge of my seat

I felt the information, presentation and delivery left me totally engaged.

- Dave B.

Really interesting

I enjoyed hearing how the coaches' focus on winning hindered their perspective on what they value as human beings.

- Amanda D.

It was real

Content delivery is refreshingly honest.

- David E.

Appreciate the emphasis on developing people

Other clinics I attend have a heavy emphasis on X's and O's. This clinic brings in terrific coaches to talk about things other than x's and o's.

- Eric D.


More focused on truly helping each player.

- Erin D.


The lineup was fantastic. The day wasn't too long or overwhelming.

- Georgia H.

An event that challenges the norm

The quadrant was great. Internalizing how we do things, what is right, etc.

- Geron S.

Engaging and the time passed by

It's not about x' s and o's, yet still informational and beneficial to grow personally and professionally.

- Niki S.


WDW instantly made me a better coach, which doesn't happen at most conferences.

- John H.

I've learned so much through this experience

I like the interview type talk. It keeps the conversation clear and educational.

- Jamie S.

Thoughtful content

This is the first conference I have been too that has talked about the self-care needed to be healthy in coaching.

- Julie D.

It never gets boring

It's so unique in that it just has coaches sitting down being interviewed - I just love it.

- Kasey C.

There are multiple ways to skin a cat

I have never attended anything like this event.

- Kaylee K.


The willingness of the coaches to share things that they have struggled with and moments that caused them to gain perspective and grow from those experiences.

- Karen P.

Nothing to do with X and O's

It was very informative while the platform was pretty relaxed.

- Kurt W.

Kept it real

The conference focused on who we are and the important values of why we do what we do.

- Kurt B.

I liked the moderator type set-up

I haven't been to a conference like that before. It was nice to see more of a conversation than a "speech."

- Lynn H.

More about the big picture

Gave perspective around balancing between striving to compete and helping our players grow as people.

- Matt N.

This was great

The conference focus of culture building is much different than most sport conferences out there.

- Michael K.


Conversation format with videos and well prepared moderators and interviews.

- Maya O.

Perspective is a key to winning

Talked about things deeper than the x's and o's

- Nicholas L.

So refreshing

It got inside the minds of some great coaches and their perspective about winning after getting to the top.

- Nicksen S.


It seems more organic than scripted

- Penny F.


The material allows you to start formulating your own coaching philosophies to live/coach by.

- Peter J.


Illustrated the importance of staying true to your values even while living in a society that has expectations in sports.

- Philip R.

Coaching is all about people

This is why I believe the WDW initiative is so outstanding. WDW helps coaches understand why they coach and the power that sport has on preparing athletes for success in life.

- Linda P.

Know the individual

More aligned with coaching the person instead of coaching specifics

- Scott S.

This event looks at the whole picture

I found value in EVERYTHING that was presented. Can't wait to rewatch the videos.

- Abbey S.

Lots of high profile coaches in one setting

Brett is an excellent interviewer and gets the coaches to be authentic.

- Tom B.

Had some good topics to discuss

Nice to know I am not the only one who needs perspective.

- Tracey F.

This helped with life management

With the coaches, content, and delivery, this event covered what is needed.

- Mark C.

Efficiently got the message across

I was amazed how underwhelming it was for a lot of the coaches after they achieved so much. There is no amount of winning that's enough.

- Timothy T.

Great for self-reflection

I gained a new perspective hearing how the challenges faced lead to opportunities being seized.

- Troy T.

Good entertainment

Big name speakers and good info. Reinforced my belief in quality time not just putting time in!!

- Wayne M.

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