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Part II: The 20-Year Perspective

Does fear-based coaching work? Absolutely. Some of the most iconic leaders in sport have built their kingdoms using fear. Why shouldn’t you?

Because it comes with a (high) cost.

The question then becomes: How can you use the power position that your players give you in a positive way? How do you do it in a way that counterbalances the force that fear produces but in a productive, healthy way that still gets results? We explore those questions in this panel.

Hopefully it will give you a new perspective.

Panel Discussion

  • Sue Enquist: Former Head Softball Coach, UCLA
  • Dr. Jim Loehr: World-renowned Performance Psychologist
  • Jack Clark: Head Rugby Coach, University of California, Berkeley
  • Billy Donovan: NBA Coach, Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Moderated by: Brett Ledbetter