Sherri Coale

Part III: Whitney’s Locker

Inside of Whitney’s locker is Sherri Coale’s championship banner. (Hint: it’s not what you think it is.) Whitney Hand (former player) wrote a guide that provides advice to the future owner of her locker. It reads:

To the future owner of this locker:

  1. Put up pictures
  2. Clean up your crap 🙂
  3. Smile A LOT
  4. Write tons of notes & keep all the notes ppl write you…Trust me you will love reading them someday.
  5. Don’t take one day for granted.
  6. Have a meaningful conversation everytime you open these doors.
  7. Never leave this place with a problem unresolved.
  8. Have no regrets.
  10. Remember: you are at the greatest place on earth. 4 years FLIES. Treasure every moment & love with ALL your heart.

– Whitney Hand

Sherri shares this story along with what she took away from all of the speakers at the conference.

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