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Be part of the conversation as a development partner with What Drives Winning. Take part in live online sessions with our co-founders Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh, learn from case studies featuring top minds in sport and get actionable exercises for your team.
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What’s Included:

Monthly Online Sessions

Live sessions with conference co-founders Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh, plus coaches from around the country.

NEW Character Development Playbook

A step-by-step guide with resources and content for staff, team and personal development.

Case Studies

Case studies that give behind-the-scenes insights into top minds in sport and how they run their programs.

Online Portal Access

Access to our online portal with a growing library of hundreds of video clips to use with your team and staff.

Emails, Exercises & Community

Receive emails each month with new exercises and media. Plus, get connected with coaches from across the country and learn how they implement the material.


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