Question-Based Leadership In Action

Check out the resources below to help you along in your Question-Based Leadership journey.

Using the Inserts

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we’ve included two exercises that you can use with your team.

What’s Holding You Back

Complete this exercise to create self-awareness around the areas that hold you back from being your best.

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When Is It Hardest?

Use this exercise to create awareness and discussion around when it’s hardest to be these character skills.

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See QBL In Action

The Process

COVID changed my work. People were forced to zoom. From there, a new methodology was born. I’d ask questions and we’d record. I’d then send that person a password-protected video for their eyes only. I challenged them to pretend they didn’t know the person talking (even though it was them). What’d we find? When you’re able to distance yourself, from yourself, it’s easier to see yourself more clearly. Take a look: 

Caitlin Clark | The Process

The goal of Question-Based Leadership is to design a platform where people can coach themselves. Like this: 

Caitlin Clark | Drop Expectations


What QBL looks likeHere’s what QBL looks like when you apply it to sport-specific activity: What QBL looks like

Caitlin Clark | The Action Between The Action

Re-training brain feels like this. At first, re-training your brain feels like this. Re-training brain feels like this.

Caitlin Clark | Backwards Bike

The more you practice, the better you get. And at the end of the year, your transformation helps you become the most authentic version of you in the most pressurized environments: 

Caitlin Clark | The Spot Light

That’s the why behind this book. We wanted to create QBTs to help you unlock the competitive maturity that lies within the people you lead.

Coming soon: A few examples of Question-Based Tools from the book

The book Question-Based Leadership includes 52 QBTs (Question-Based Tools) that you can use to build conversations that create self-awareness and helps the people you lead strengthen their inner voice. The accumulation of these conversations creates a platform where they can better lead themselves.

Here’s a few examples of QBTs in action:

Master Class

If you were teaching a class on _____,
what would your summary be?

Scale It

On a scale of 1-10,
how would you rate yourself _____?