Mike Matheny

Part I: The Matheny Manifesto
  • 0:04Where the Matheny Manifesto originated
  • 2:48The social pressure for parents in the youth athletic space
  • 5:07What Coach Matheny hopes his kids to get out of the youth sport experience
  • 6:16How Coach Matheny viewed his role as a parent in the youth sport space
  • 7:43On the job training at the youth level
  • 9:48Telling kids what to do vs. letting them ask the question ‘Why?’

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Q: How did the Matheny Manifesto come about?

Q: Social pressures for parents in youth sports?

Q: What do you want for your kids?

Q: How do you teach from the dugout?

Q: How do you coach when players ask ‘Why?’


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