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Reviews from Conference Attendees


Enjoyed getting to hear in depth interviews with elite coaches.

- Matt B.


WDW is right on with their beliefs and has the potential to change the culture of sport in our country.

- Ralph P.

Focus on the progress!

Great speakers. Loved the energy and the honesty.

- Brienne S.


The content and transparency was awesome!

- Belle K.

So unique

Awesome haven't stopped talking about it.

- Greg D.


It focused on the foundation pieces rather than X's and O's

- Jason C.


Learned from other coaches across all sports and gender.

- Kristen S.

Very unscripted

Picked up many things from brad and geno

- Michael C.

Lots of passion

Everyone just seemed so passionate about being there and the whole What Drives Winning movement.

- Timothy V.


Has a different vibe - hard to explain, but it feels different.

- Missy P.


Great energy and excitement. The speakers were engaging and genuine.

- Avery E.

Resonated with why I'm in this profession

I gained a lot of great perspectives that i will be bringing back to my program and my life.

- Lauren C.

Very effective communication formats

The coaches' focus on growth mindset and self awareness, completely aligned with my leadership master program.

- Anne W.

Well prepared and well run

I learned a few tips from each of the coaches that I can apply to my own teams.

- Roger A.

I believe in athletics more than I ever have before

WDW exposes the fact/truth that the best coaches in the world are those who are able to REACH people and BUILD relationships.

- Anna B.

Focused on the idea of growth

The conversational nature of the presentations was authentic rather than prescribed.

- Brad Z.

More than the X's and O's

Involves more Social Emotional Coaching ideas.

- Gregg C.

All about growth

The day specifically looked at experienced coaching professionals and how they approach recruiting and working with their athletes in top programs.

- David S.

Placed an emphasis on the of growth players

The laid back interview format versus a presentation format was refreshing.

- Dennis A.

Feeling energized

Elite speakers and GREAT questions. It incorporated excellent narrative style presentations with the ability to practically apply what was learned.

- Dee K.

There were a lot of takeaways

Lots of great nuggets of information for all the coaches and AD's in the room to take with them.

- Greg F.

Love Becky and Brett's vision!

It seems even best coaches are baffled by recruiting.

- Gretchen R.


There were so many great speakers. All spoke from the heart and the moderator, Brett Ledbetter did an outstanding job asking questions and directing the conversations.

- John H.

Very intimate

Was able to take two things from each coach to serve as life lessons.

- Harold S.


Every coach gave raw and honest answers, and talked about their struggles and how they deal with them.

- Jen K.

This was conversational

Less X and O and more culture.

- Ryan K.

Love the concept, love the curriculum

I keep coming back to learn more so I can improve and help my players become better people and athletes.

- Karen C.


I like how the event is collaborative and discussion based.

- Kia M.


Pleased how long Geno and Brad were on stage.

- Elisa J.

I loved the sit down with Becky and Patty Gasso

As a male coaching women, I'm always looking for great messages from females for our student-athletes.

- Mark M.

Excellent content

Can't wait to implement activities from the workbook.

- Ramon A.


It was more conversational and interview style versus a straight up presentation.

- Nate H.


I like listening to high level coaches talk about dealing with their teams.

- Todd E.

It was very unique and energizing

Supported my belief that focusing on the personal growth is so important.

- Peter B.

The format is tremendous

It creates an opportunity to learn from great coaches that is unparalelled in my experience.

- Peter P.

Coaches from numerous sports attended

I really enjoyed the use of video and case studies.

- Patrick T.

The provided wisdom was tremendous

I have been to many coaching clinics. The level of speakers with Geno Auriemma and Brad Stevens was greater than any other coaching clinic that I have attended.

- Tom K.

I learned new ideas

You guys did a great job of asking them questions about other things going on in sports, relevant today.

- Tony G.

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