Mike Matheny

Part II: Managing The Cardinals
  • 0:00Transitioning from youth baseball manager to the Big Leagues
  • 1:53Would you have hired you?
  • 2:39Following a legend
  • 4:07Managing the scrutiny that comes with a visible position
  • 6:27Helping your family manage the scrutiny
  • 8:52His process for decompressing
  • 10:26Biggest struggle separating ‘what you do’ from ‘who you are’?
  • 11:27How he defines his job descriptor
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#WDWconvo Clips

Q: How was the transition to managing the Cardinals?

Q: Would you have hired you?

Q: What are the challenges in replacing a legend?

Q: How do you deal with outside criticism?

Q: How does outside criticism affect your family?

Q: How would you describe your job?

Q: Biggest struggle in separating who you are from what you do?

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