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What Drives Winning?

Crowd-LearnMoreIf we had to boil down what high achievers do in one sentence, it would be: They focus less on the results, more on the process, but they recognize that character is what drives the process, which drives the results. In other words, character drives everything. As one championship coach said, “Coaches get distracted by the process and that prevents them from seeing what’s really important.”

On June 11th, 2015…

A group of high-achieving leaders, the best in their respective fields, gathered for the first time to share their perspective and experiences. The What Drives Winning Conference delivered a full day of presentations to teach how to repurpose the forces of sport (or the workplace) in a way that can help you develop the people you lead into stronger human beings and create better results.

The Book and Author

The “What Drives Winning” book is a guide that will help give you a practical strategy on how to apply this multidimensional approach within your program. Author Brett Ledbetter is a human performance coach, lead trainer at Ledbetter Basketball Academy and founder of the Filmroom Project, a nonprofit organization.

Over the past decade, Brett has conducted hundreds of interviews with professional athletes, championship coaches and leading researchers to uncover the intangibles necessary for success. His findings, paired with applied research at his academy, have led to the creation of his character development system and video features that help build the character skills necessary for high performance.

The “What Drives Winning” book and 2015 conference are a culmination of his work, and the thought leaders he’s collaborated with, to inspire a cultural shift to repurpose sport as an opportunity to build people.

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